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The Knights of Vartan’s 100th Annual Grand Convocation and the Daughters of Vartan 78th Kerakouyn Zhoghov was held July 11-14, 2018 in Dearborn, MI at the Edward Hotel with over 150 Knights and Daughters and their family members in attendance. The loyal Knights and Daughters got together for a series of innovative workshops, meetings, discussions, city and cultural tours and elegant evening events. It was also a time to acknowledge and present awards to individuals and lodges for outstanding service to the Armenian community.

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Avak Sbarabed’s 2012 Thanksgiving Message


Thanksgiving 2012 Message from the Avak Tivan

Dear Brother Asbeds,

Thanksgiving is a day set apart annually for gratitude and praise to God in return for His blessings and mercies. We, therefore, publicly celebrate this occasion in acknowledgement of divine goodness.

As we look upon the past experiences of our predecessors, we can by comparison, appreciate the adversities under which their deeds were accomplished. Asbedutune is no longer the pioneering task of rekindling Armenians into communities, as our forefathers endured for the better part of the last century. Our task today is to strengthen and retain what has already been established.

Today with the grace of God, we are enjoying a society filled with an abundance of Fraternal Spirit and cooperation. We are better organized today than ever before. In some measure we can attribute this progress to modem conveniences and proper tools with which we work to accomplish our mission. We thank our many devoted members who have charged themselves with selfless responsibility dedicated to all Armenian causes. The offering of thanks is a personal thing, yet Asbeds as a Brotherhood ought to acknowledge the deepest fulfillment of common enterprises committed to all Armenians. In the theme of Thanksgiving, we should pause from the everyday, to reflect and meditate the occurrences of the past year and thank the Lord for our health and prosperity, for the achievements of our goals and for our shortcomings as well. Above all as Americans we can thank the great United States which has offered us the place to rekindle the Armenian race .

On behalf of your Avak Tivan, here’s wishing you and your families a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.


Nigoghos Atinizian II

Avak Sbarabed