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By Asbed David Medzorian

A who’s who of dignitaries, friends, family members, and colleagues gathered on November 17th to wish Nakhgin Sbarabed Jack Medzorian a happy ninety-third birthday and to thank him for his service to Armenians and to Armenia which he and his wife Eva have visited nearly one hundred times since 1972.

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Avak Khorhourt

Grand Council of the Daughters of Vartan



Left to right

Avak Husgchouhie Nadya Verabian, Avak Tbrouhie Nancy Hammoudian,
Avak Yeritzouhie Armine Liberatore, Avak Dirouhie Alice Kalustian, Avak Pokh Dirouhie Lucille Farsakian,
Avak Kantzabedouhie Norma Oganessian  and Avak Garkabedouhie Barbara Tchalikian