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It was May 22, 1918 in the midst of the First World War that twelve dedicated Armenians in Fresno, California took their oaths to form Yeprad Tahlij #9.  These men became the charter members of a national brotherhood that had been formed just two years prior in Philadelphia, for the noble purpose of alleviating the suffering of the oppressed Armenians who had been torn away from their native homeland in the midst of a great Genocide.

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Avak Khorhourt

Grand Council of the Daughters of Vartan



Top row left to right:

Avak Tbrouhie:  Taline Kedjidjian

Avak Kantzabedouhie:  Barbara Khazoyan

Avak Husgchouhie: Barbara Tchalikian

Avak Garkabedouhie: Claudia Hardy


Avak Pokh Dirouhie: Salpy Mankerian

Avak Dirouhie: Diana Tookmanian

Avak Yeretzouhie: Zovig Tashjian