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Knights of Vartan Inc. Nareg-Shavarshan Lodge in Greater Detroit is continuing to make improvements at the Knight of Vartan #106 School in Yerevan, Armenia.  Since 2018, the Lodge will have raised $61,500 for renovation projects at this school.

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Knights and Daughters of Vartan to Sponsor Davush Children through CASP

The Grand Councils of the Knights and Daughters of Vartan announced a partnership with CASP (Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program) to benefit suffering children of the Davush region of Armenia over the next three years.

CASP benefits needy children in Armenia — children with struggling single mothers, and also orphans. The Knights and Daughters of Vartan’s unified efforts on the project will benefit these children of the Davush Region of the Republic of Armenia only, which borders Azerbaijan and Georgia.  More information is available on

A multifaceted presentation about CASP and the needs of the Davush region was featured at the 2013 Grand Convocation in Las Vegas, where ND Eva Medzorian’s powerful documentary about Davush was screened, and representatives from CASP and the Avak Tivan provided an overview of the project.

The Grand Councils encourage each Lodge and Otyag together to sponsor two children per year, for a total of $500 per year, started from 2013.  The giving deadline for each year is December 15.  Of course, all levels of support are welcome.

Checks can be made payable to: KV Charitable Fund. Please contact Avak Argughagal for details at .

A national committee is also being formed to oversee this project.  Please email for more information.