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Knights and Daughters of Vartan Visit Motherland on Mission Trip



On January 28, 1992 was established the Armenian Army. To celebrate the 26th anniversary of Army Day a special donation was made by the Corporal Paul S. Marsoubian Post XX Amvets, based in Watertown, MA in cooperation of Ararat lodge of KV by the initiative of NS Jack Medzorian (also member of Amvets). read more >

Scholarship Award Program


[Download the Scholarship Application]

Guidelines for the Awards


  1. Eligible recipients include Asbeds, wives of Asbeds, members of the Daughters of Vartan, the children and grandchildren of Asbeds in good standing, as well as those of deceased Asbeds, who were in good standing at the time of their demise.
  2. Applicant must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program in a fully accredited college or university in the United States or Canada.
  3. Applicants must have at least one year of college or university program completed.
  4. Applicant must provide all of the information requested on the application form.
  5. Applicant must provide a copy of his or her most recent college transcript from the schools, as well as, a small head and shoulders self-portrait.
  6. Previous recipients are not eligible.


  1. Sbarabeds are to appoint three qualified Asbeds in good standing to form a Tahlij Scholarship Committee. Their responsibilities are:
    a. Distribution of application forms to qualified students.
    b. To investigate and evaluate the information provided.
    c. To submit all applications, along with evaluations, to their respective Grand District Representatives by April 30, 20–.
  2. Grand District Representatives will appoint a panel, comprised of several qualified Asbeds, with two provisions: that there should be no more than one from any one Tahlij and that the Asbeds be unrelated to any of the applicants.
    Responsibilities of the panel are: a. To weigh the merits of each applicant, and, b. To submit the names of up to, but no more than, three finalists, along with all applications, through the Grand District Representative, to the Avak Ter-Sbarabed by May 15, 20–.
  3. The Avak Tivan will then select the six (6) Knights of Vartan scholarship winners from the finalists submitted. There must be a winner from each district, but only if there was at least one (1) qualified applicant. If one or more districts do not submit qualified finalists, the Avak Tivan shall select additional recipients from a pool of all of the applicants, to assure that all six (6) scholarships are distributed.
    Responsibilities of the Avak Tivan are: a. Notify the applicant by letter of receipt of his/her application. b. Notify applicants who were not picked by letter and request them to re-apply the next year.


The following system shall be employed by all the selection committees:

  1. a. 35 points; applicant’s scholastic grades and achievements.
    b. 35 points; applicant’s involvement in community, church and school.
    c. 30 points; applicant’s essay on:
    i. Future education plans
    ii. Career ambitions, and
    iii. Financial need.


  1. Announcement of scholarship program in monthly bulletins and at both Tivan and Tahlij meetings, beginning in January, if possible, and continuing through March.
  2. March 31 – Deadline for applicants to submit applications.
  3. April 30 – Deadline for Tahlij committees to submit applications, with evaluation to their respective Grand District Representative.
  4. May 15 – Deadline for Grand District Representatives to submit their respective finalists to the Avak Araroghabed.
  5. July – Names of scholarship recipients to be announced during the Avak Tahlij Convocation.


  1. All information submitted by all applicants shall remain confidential.
  2. All information submitted by all applicants is to be carefully reviewed, analyzed, and evaluated at each level, objectively, and without bias.
  3. Recipients will be publicly acknowledged.
  4. Applicant’s involvement in community, church and school are considered only for those activities undertaken while the applicant is attending college or university.
  5. Failure to submit all the required information on the official Knights of Vartan Avak Tivan application form, or the inclusion of a legible college transcript and applicant picture are considered grounds for the disqualification of the applicant.