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This year the Armenian Heritage Cruise (AHC) took place January 20 to January 27, 2019 aboard Royal Caribbean’s “Allure of the Seas”.  The AHC Committee honored the Knights and Daughters of Vartan by providing time to present a program during the cruise.  Members of the Knights and Daughters leadership in attendance were Grand Commander Dr. Gary Zamanigian, Grand Matron Diana Tookmanian, Past Grand Commander Bob Barsam and Past Grand Matron Sona Manuelian.  Special guests included Archbishop Khoren Toghramadjian, Prelate of Cypress and Prof. Taner Akcam, author of “The Killing Orders – Talaat Pasha’s Telegrams and the Armenian Genocide”.

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Avak Tivan

Grand Council of the Knights of Vartan

L to R: Avak Tbrabed Deacon Richard Norsigian; Avak Argughagal Ed Bedikian; Avak Araroghabed George Boyagian; Avak Ted Ray Boujoulian
Seated L to R: Avak Ter Sbarabed Howard Atesian; Avak Sbarabed Dr. Gary Zamanigian; Avak Yeretz C. Garry Javizian

Avak Sbarabed
Dr. Gary Zamanigian

Avak Ter-Sbarabed
Howard Atesian

Avak Yeretz
C. Garry Javizian

Avak Tbrabed
Deacon Richard Norsigian

Avak Argughagal
Ed Bedikian

Avak Araroghabed
George Boyagian

Avak Ted
Ray Boujoulian

Naghkin Avak Sbarabed Steven Kradjian
All Naghkin Avak Sbarabeds