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Convocation 2017 Boston!

August 8th - 14th

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YEREVAN—The Knights of Vartan has extended its base of operations in the United States to Yerevan, Armenia!

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Avak Tivan

Grand Council of the Knights of Vartan

Top Row L to R: Avak Yeretz Sergey Simavoryan, Avak Argughagal Armen Derderian, Avak Ted Harry Guzelimian
Middle Row L to R: Avak Tbrabed Armen Gostanian Jr., Avak Araroghabed Greg Babikian Sr.
Front Row L to R: Avak Sbarabed Steven Kradjian, Avak Ter Sbarabed Hunan Arshakian

Avak Sbarabed
Steven Kradjian

Avak Ter-Sbarabed
Hunan Arshakian

Avak Yeretz
Sergey Simavoryan

Avak Tbrabed
Armen Gostanian

Avak Argughagal
Armen Derderian

Avak Araroghabed
Gregory Babikian

Avak Ted
Harry Guzelimian

Naghkin Avak Sbarabed

Nigoghos D. Atinizian II and
All Naghkin Avak Sbarabeds