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The Knights of Vartan Vahan Lodge #44, Orange County California, recently completed a fundraising activity specifically for the purpose of making a contribution to the mission of the Fuller Center for Housing in Armenia. The fundraising activity, a raffle with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, culminated in a raffle drawing held on May 3, in the presence of a large majority of the Vahan Lodge Tivan members, including Commander Anton Markarian; of course, all were fully compliant with social distancing criteria and personal health safety guidelines!

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Knights of Vartan Lodges

Mid-Atlantic Lodges

  • Haigazian Tahlij No. 3

    New York, New York
    Meeting – 4th Monday

  • Mamigonian Tahlij No. 12

    Brooklyn, NY
    Meeting – 3rd Friday

  • Etchmiadzin Tahlij No. 20

    Bayside, New York
    Meeting – 4th Friday

  • Bakradouny Tahlij No. 38

    Tenafly, New Jersey
    Meeting – 3rd Monday

Mid-Western Lodges

  • Avarayr Tahlij No. 4

    Chicago, Illinois
    Meeting – 1st Thursday

  • Nareg-Shavarshan Tahlij No. 6

    Detroit, Michigan
    Meeting – 2nd Wednesday

New England Lodges

  • Ararat Tahlij No. 1

    Boston, Massachusetts
    Meeting – 2nd Monday


  • Arshavir Tahlij No. 2

    Worcester, Massachusetts
    Meeting – 4th Monday

  • Arax Tahlij No. 11

    Providence, Rhode Island
    Meeting – 1st Wednesday

  • Davros Tahlij No. 25

    Troy, New York
    Meeting – 3rd Monday

  • Gamsaragan Tahlij No. 27

    Hartford, Connecticut
    Meeting – 3rd Saturday

  • Arakadz Tahlij No. 35

    North Andover, Massachusetts
    Meeting – 3rd Tuesday

North West Lodges

  • Yeprad Tahlij No. 9

    Fresno, California
    Meeting – 2nd Monday

  • Daron Tahlij No. 16

    San Francisco, CA
    Meeting – 2nd Friday

South East Lodges

  • Ardashad Tahlij No. 5

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Meeting – 2nd Wednesday


  • Ani Tahlij No. 21

    Washington, DC
    Meeting – 2nd Tuesday

  • Hayasdan Tahlij No. 42

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Meeting – 3rd Thursday

South West Lodges

  • Erebouni Tahlij No. 45

    6225 Cedarwood Avenue

    Las Vegas Nevada 89103

  • Ardaz Tahlij No. 17

    Los Angeles, California
    Meeting – 2nd Wednesday

  • Ghevont Tahlij No. 26

    Pasadena, California
    Meeting – 3rd Monday

  • Sevan Tahlij No. 28

    San Fernando Valley, California
    Meeting – 3rd Tuesday

  • Gomidas Tahlij No. 43

    San Diego, California
    Meeting – 2nd Tuesday

  • Vahan Tahlij No. 44

    Orange County, California
    Meeting – 3rd Thursday