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The Knights of Vartan Vahan Lodge #44, Orange County California, recently completed a fundraising activity specifically for the purpose of making a contribution to the mission of the Fuller Center for Housing in Armenia. The fundraising activity, a raffle with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, culminated in a raffle drawing held on May 3, in the presence of a large majority of the Vahan Lodge Tivan members, including Commander Anton Markarian; of course, all were fully compliant with social distancing criteria and personal health safety guidelines!

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KV with FCHA Support Kocharyan Family 2019-2020

Kocharyan Family profile

The Kocharyan’s family lives in Tretuk village of Gegharqunik region. Sergey’s parents are refugees. They escaped from Azerbaijan in 1989.

The large family consists of 10 members. Sergey and Anna, with their six children, live with Sergey’s parents. Years ago, Sergey’s wife’s aunt and later her husband passed away; Sergey and Anna adopted their 4 daughters, raised them, and gave education. Three of them are already married and have their own families. Yana still lives with them. Sergey and Anna have 5 children of their own. They raised 9 children in a small half‐built house in miserable conditions.

The walls of the house were earthen and were in danger to get demolished. In 2017, Sergey started to build stone walls. But he couldn’t afford to continue the construction works. The family lives without basic living conditions. The income of the family is Raya’s salary. She is a librarian. Sergey has a disability. He receives disability support and military pension. Sergey’s son, Arthur, also has a disability and receives a pension as well.

They also receive a benefit for their children and pension for their adopted daughter. “My father escaped in 1989 and started to live in this house. Now my children grow up here without basic housing conditions. There is no running water inside the building and we carry it from outside. My son, Arthur has a disability. We sold our livestock to cover his surgery expenses. He has been operated 3 times.

I wish my family could live in decent housing conditions, and my children could grow up in a safe home. We would like to turn this page of our life and hope for a better future,” said Sergey.

The Kocharyan family in front of their soon to build home
Little Naira
Grandma Raya and grandchild Albert