In 1991, while studying the archives of his home Tahlij, the then Sbarabed Nishan Dulgerian found a copy of a long forgotten Knights of Vartan book titled Book of Instruction. The imprint on the inside cover of this handsomely bound little book indicated its date and place of publication: 1942, New York.

Subsequent research by Sbarabed Dulgerian revealed that this book was he product of an ambitious Knights of Vartan project initiated in 1920. The founding Fathers must have recognized the need to compile a book of
instructions to interpret the meaning and significance of the rituals performed during the Knights of Vartan degree conferral ceremonies. The virtues and he lofty principles communicated by these instructions, and appreciation of our Brotherhood’s abundant ritualistic symbols utilized in its initiation ceremonies, validate the absolute necessity of instructing and educating our newly initiated members.

The Book of Instructions was recently revised and is now available to download. Please follow this link or click on image of the book cover to download the PDF file.