October 1, 2023


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are all shocked by the recent tragedy that has befallen the 120,000 Armenians of Artsakh who had to flee to Armenia for safety. Providing for those entering the country is now on the verge of creating another humanitarian crisis.

For this reason, the Knights and Daughters of Vartan Action Committee (KDVAC) is concentrating all of its efforts on fundraising. Food, shelter, and medical care are needed now. Additionally, we plan to assist those who have business ideas for family-run businesses, much like we did for 10 families in Artsakh.

The KDVAC will once again set up a verifiable system for utilizing the existing and future funds raised and the logistics necessary to deliver directly to those in need.

Please make your donation securely online, click below:

Or make check payment to:  Knights of Vartan Charities Inc. and, write “Artsakh Crisis” in the check memo.
Mail it to Avak Argughagal at:
Mr. Ronald Nazeley
6558 Kentwood Bluffs Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045

 When the funds are transferred from the KoV Charities, Inc., they will be sent to a trusted 501C3 partner in Armenia. We will assure that all the funds we raise will go for humanitarian aid to our brothers and sisters in Artsakh.


 A Call to Action Committee was established by NS Garry Javizian and the Nakhgin Avak Sbarabeds of Nareg-Shavarshan Tahlij #6 – NAS Vahram Fantazian, NAS Simon Javizian, NAS Edward Korkoian and NAS Dr. Gary Zamanigian, along with Avak Dirouhie Gloria Korkoian, Avak Sbarabed Hunan Arshakian and Avak Ter Sbarabed Levon Thorose.  They have been meeting for a few weeks and the time has come to take action.


 Grand Commander Hunan Arshakian          

 With sisterly love,

 Grand Chairwoman Nancy Berberian Thompson