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For over a century, ever since the 1915 genocide, Lebanon, particularly Beirut, has been a home for Armenians. Generations of our people have grown up, worked, married, and raised their families in Beirut. As a new niche and homeland, Lebanon and its people have shown great kindness to Armenians.

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A New Horizon

As our Annual Convocation approaches, we should all be looking forward with great anticipation of promising and exciting new programs, missions and campaigns. Excitement is the catalyst for growth…numerical as well as intellectual.

The nucleus of the intense energy that activates all of this is Leadership. Strangely, many Armenian organizations load the responsibility of “leadership” onto one person or one committee…believing this to be the solution to the general disinterest of a given membership. What folly! Leadership is a collective reality. There can be but one general…who is completely helpless without his ranks of officers. It is collective leadership that amplifies the power of an army, organization, mission or faith.

We must be motivated by noble attributes and driven to surge ahead with great determination…if not, what then, is our reason for existence? One of our great Armenian intellectuals once proclaimed: “You must justify your existence” What a profound statement. If we are to meditate on this…we could take days, weeks and even longer to understand the true depth of the statement. We must “justify our existence”. If we exist for nothing…why do we exist at all? As Armenians, we cannot permit ourselves to simply exist without justification. How dare we presume to live our daily hum-drum lives, our “same-old-same-old” existence when we have inherited such a monumental responsibility?

No one really knows how many million Armenians and other Christians were mercilessly slaughtered from 1895- 96; 1915-1923 and onward. Almost 100 years later…who cares? How dare we not develop an aggressive, pro- active, determined and militant leadership and Brotherhood which can and will raise the sword and shield and enter the 21st Century believing in and envisioning retribution for our Western Armenian unrequited grief and loss?

We live in perilous times. Our generation is essential to the regeneration and intensification of our national identity and aspirations. The Armenian ethnic attributes that contribute to the passions and self-commitment important to our self-preservation and identity as Armenians, dilutes from generation to generation. None of us can possibly be driven by the same desperation and grief that seized upon our founding fathers. They personally saw, touched and smelled the stench of rivers of blood, carrying the corpses of innocent Armenians to oblivion.

Yes! We have become diluted. Perhaps that is the great call to awakening at our nearing Convocation. Doesn’t the song say: “Zartir! Lao” [Awaken! Comrade] Our parties, picnics, banquets and charities are all necessary social and civic functions. But let us not forget the greater debt we have to our founding fathers, parents and to the barren hills, mountains, rivers, vineyards and orchards and ancient cathedrals of our ancestral homeland…Western Armenia. Three thousand years of our rightful heritage is still trod upon by the descendants of Genghis Khan. We give thanks to God for our Free and Independent Republic of Armenia. But we should never forget three thousand years of our sacred and historic homeland in Western Armenia.

Do we have the vision, imagination, creativity, ingenuity, foresight…to come to this Convocation prepared to discuss issues of substance and such as will contribute to the justification of the existence of our Brotherhood?