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The Knights and Daughters of Vartan continued their “Back to the Homeland” Mission Trip for the 6th year. More than 20 Knights, Daughters, and friends joined the pilgrimage on September 18-24th to visit the homeland, their mission partners and projects in Armenia.

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Asbed Dr. Neshan Tabibian and Family Donating $70,000

Asbed Dr. Neshan Tabibian, of Yeprad Lodge, his son and daughter-in-law, Drs. Hagop and Anilga Tabibian  have donated $70,000 to start new initiatives in the village of Dzovinar, Armenia.

L to R: Dr. Neshan Tabibian, map of Armenia with Tsovinar village location,
Drs. Hagop and Anilga Tabibian  

With the coordination of Ter Gevork Barseghyan, Parish Priest of St. Astvadzadzin Church in Dzovinar, and Yn. Astgthik, the Tabibian Family Fund has embarked on a program to start new small businesses and a computer training program in the village.

The recently renovated Christian Education Community Center received 10 new laptops. A qualified instructor will teach adults from the village how to use a computer for communication and business.  The children who come to the Community Center will be taught proper computer usage. In addition, ten laptops, and a portable projector have been bought, and are already in use, for the Dzovinar Elementary School.

One  project consists of receiving four industrial  grade sewing machines and having a community member receive formal training in how to operate the machines. In turn she will train local women to produce numerous types of clothing and sewn goods to be sold to larger markets in Martuni, Yerevan and beyond.

Once these two projects are successfully implemented, they will receive two industrial grade fruit dehydrators with which residents of Dzovinar and surrounding villages will be able to dry the fruits that grow in their region to be sold at large city markets.

As diasporans, the Tabibian Family Fund will continue with initiatives that will bring additional income to the residents of the villages as well as improving the quality of lives as part of strengthening rural Armenia.