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Aparan Sports School Renovation

For young people, team sports participation promotes physical and mental health and wellbeing, builds confidence, involves memory and thinking skills, reduces stress and anxiety, improves concentration and increases IQ.  With this in mind, the Knights and Daughters of Vartan have been involved in many school support projects.


Ani Lodge Partners with Sahman USA for Economic Development Plan for Martuni Province in Artsakh

By GDR Jake Bournazian

Ani Lodge launched a new economic initiative in the Martuni province of the Republic of Artsakh for economic re-development in the remaining villages along the new border with the Republic of Azerbaijan. The villages in the Martuni province suffered severe economic and physical damage when Azerbaijan attacked and invaded Artsakh on September 27, 2020.  Almost every family lost fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters during that war.  Cluster bombs were dropped on the villages destroying homes, building, vehicles, roads, and supporting economic infrastructure. More people fled during evacuations after the November 10, 2020 cease fire agreement was signed. Prior to the war, the villages in Martuni province had abundant lands for livestock grazing and farming.  After the war there was a new line of contact bordering the town of Martuni and over 90% of the Armenian lands were taken by the Azerbaijan government.


Back to the Homeland V

By Asbed David Medzorian, Ararat Lodge #1

The Knights and Daughters of Vartan again beheld the beautiful countryside of Armenia as more than a dozen Knights, Daughters, and friends made the pilgrimage this September for Veratarts Hayrenik V, the Return of the Fatherland.


Daughters of Vartan Woman of the Year 2021

By ND Nancy Hammoudian
In keeping with the mission and goals of the Daughters of Vartan organization to nurture our Armenian culture and ethnic values, it was the Grand Council’s honor to award Maggie Mangassarian Goschin as the 2021 Woman of the Year.


Fuller Housing for Armenia 2021, June 6-18

By NAD Sona Manuelian

Covid-19 could not prevent us this year from traveling to Armenia with a volunteer build team. We were determined to assist a family, the Poghosyans, to fulfill their dreams of having a decent home to live in.



“Death, not comprehended, is death. When comprehended, immortality.”

      Yeghishé the historian – 5th Century 

On the eve of the 1570th anniversary of the historic Battle of Avarayr (Avarayri Jagadamard in Armenian), fought on 26 May 451 A.D. on the Avarayr plain along the Deghmood Creek in historic Armenia’s Vaspuragan region,


The Knights of Vartan and Armenia Tools4Schools Team up to Help the Martuni Vocational School

Washington DC- In March, 2021, the Knights of Vartan and Armenia Tools4Schools provided $16,000 to the Martuni Vocational School in Martuni, Republic of Artsakh to purchase a school bus, tools and equipment, and construct improvements around the school property.   The school provides vocational trade education to students ages 13 through 17 living in the 15 villages that surround the town of Martuni. Tuition is free and the school relies entirely on the Republic of Artsakh government for funding.  Martuni Vocational School currently has 110 students, 33 instructors, and 19 building operations and administrative staff.


Detroit Knights Send $1.6 Million Worth of Medical Supplies to Armenia

by Harry Kezelian from The Armenian Mirror Spectator

DETROIT — The Nareg-Shavarshan Lodge #6 of the Knights of Vartan celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2018. Over the past century, between the Detroit lodges of the Knights and Daughters of Vartan, about 2 million in aid has been sent to Armenia and Armenians, beginning with the survivors of the Genocide at the time of the organization’s founding.


Knights of Vartan Detroit Ships $503,000 Worth of Medical Supplies to Armenia

With the recent events taking place in Armenia and Artsakh, the Knights of Vartan Nareg-Shavarshan Lodge of Greater Detroit, in addition to their monetary donation to the Hayastan All Armenia Fund, felt it was necessary to do something more. Coincidently, one of the Lodge’s newest members, Greg Baise, approached Commander Kazar Terterian and proposed the idea of a possible donation of medical supplies from World Medical Relief (WMR) whose headquarters are located in Southfield, Michigan; it turns out, Baise, a Pharmacist by profession, is on the Board of Directors of the organization.


Help Lebanon

For over a century, ever since the 1915 genocide, Lebanon, particularly Beirut, has been a home for Armenians. Generations of our people have grown up, worked, married, and raised their families in Beirut. As a new niche and homeland, Lebanon and its people have shown great kindness to Armenians.


Help Armenia and Artsakh


Knights and Daughters of Vartan our homeland is calling you to help!  Our organization was formed in 1916 as a result of the Genocide of our people.  Here we are 105 years later, and we are again facing the threat of annihilation. I am sure you have all been following the suffering of our people in Artsakh at the hands of the Azerbaijani and Turkish governments.  While there is some sense of helplessness and shock for us in the diaspora, there are definite measures we can take.  The Armenian army is worldwide!  While our young men and women are on the ground fighting, we have our part in this war. 


An Escalating Conflict has Fresno Armenians Fearing New Bloodshed in their Homeland

By Avak Sbarabed Steven Adams

For 105 years we have been having commemorations, peacefully demonstrating, building monuments, writing op-ed pieces to our local newspapers, asking world leaders and their countries to recognize and condemn the 1915 Genocide of the Armenian people at the hands of the Ottoman Turks.  These commemorations have spanned over three generations of Armenians.  And people would ask…why? 




If Goghtan’s bards no longer crown

Armenia’s heroes with their lays,

Let deathless souls from Heaven come down,

Our valiant ones to praise!


Making It Happen: Sister Olivia Jamgotchian Establishes the Armenia Support Fund, Awards First Grants to Small Businesses in the Homeland

by NAD Lisa Kradjian

This is a time like no other in our history — and like no other time in our brotherhood and sisterhood. But one of the Daughters of Vartan’s young professional members is turning challenges into victories by making new opportunities happen for small businesses in Armenia which have been hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Vahan Lodge#44, Raises Funds to Support the Fuller Center

The Knights of Vartan Vahan Lodge #44, Orange County California, recently completed a fundraising activity specifically for the purpose of making a contribution to the mission of the Fuller Center for Housing in Armenia. The fundraising activity, a raffle with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, culminated in a raffle drawing held on May 3, in the presence of a large majority of the Vahan Lodge Tivan members, including Commander Anton Markarian; of course, all were fully compliant with social distancing criteria and personal health safety guidelines!


COVID19 Relief

The Knights and Daughters of Vartan share the concern of helping to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In early May of 2020 the Knights and Daughters of Vartan collaborated with the Fund of Armenian Relief (FAR) Ayo! Program through a $10,000 matching campaign, $5,000 of which was a matching grant pledged by NAS Nigoghos and Mrs. Roset Atinizian.

In just a week, the needed funds were donated both from individual Knights and Daughters and from various chapters. Many Knights and Daughters felt a responsibility to join forces in support of our homeland. Our support was assigned to Tavush region, which is one of the poorest regions and has the longest border with Azerbaijan. During following weeks, and with our donations, Ayo distributed 400 packages to 400 families in Tavush region. The packages included basic necessities as well as food.


Knights of Vartan’s Nareg-Shavarshan Lodge Renovating KV #106 School in Yerevan

Knights of Vartan Inc. Nareg-Shavarshan Lodge in Greater Detroit is continuing to make improvements at the Knight of Vartan #106 School in Yerevan, Armenia.  Since 2018, the Lodge will have raised $61,500 for renovation projects at this school.


Message from Avak Dirouhie

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As I am writing this message, we are living in one of the most uncertain times that I can remember; and I have been around a LONG time.  The coronavirus has changed our world.   We do not know how our lives will change from one moment to another. We are trying to hold it together and live as normally as possible, whatever that may be.  We can’t wait to watch the news to find out what is happening and then we cannot wait to turn it off because it is so stressful to hear it.  The “not knowing” is so difficult.  The fact that the people we ordinarily depend on for the answers do not have the answers makes it even more stressful.


Knights and Daughters of Vartan to Hold Armenian Genocide Commemoration in Times Square

by The Armenian Mirror-Spectator

NEW YORK — The 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide will take place in Times Square, on Sunday, April 26, from 2 to 4 p.m. Join thousands in solidarity alongside noted politicians, academics and artists to honor the victims of the Armenian Genocide while advancing the fight towards global recognition. Special accolades will be given to the US House and Senate for standing on the right side of history and approving measures formally recognizing the Armenian Genocide.


Memorializing Nakhgin Sbarabed John George Poochigian, M.D.

(May 12, 1948 – January 3, 2020)

A Lifetime of Service to Others

Nakhgin Sbarabed John Poochigian was a member of the Knights of Vartan organization and a dedicated philanthropist whose zest for life benefited many causes and persons in the United States and in Armenia.


Knights and Daughters of Vartan Prioritizing Education

“If your plan for one year, plant rice. If your plan is for 10 years, plant trees. If your plan is for 100 years, educate children.” Confucius.

The saying is what exemplifies the work of the Knights of Vartan since its inception103 years ago. The very first scholarships were for the American Armenian communities in the Middle East (Vahan Tekeyan school in Beirut, Haygazian National School in Halep and others) as well as in the USA to encourage Armenian youth to return to school after the memories of the horrible genocide of our people.


Jack Medzorian Honored For a Lifetime of Service to Armenians

By Asbed David Medzorian

A who’s who of dignitaries, friends, family members, and colleagues gathered on November 17th to wish Nakhgin Sbarabed Jack Medzorian a happy ninety-third birthday and to thank him for his service to Armenians and to Armenia which he and his wife Eva have visited nearly one hundred times since 1972.


Knights of Vartan Provides $10,000 Donation to Support Landmine Clearance in Nagorno Karabakh

The Knights of Vartan is proud to announce that it has donated $10,000 to The HALO Trust, the only organization conducting landmine clearance in Nagorno Karabakh. This gift will support HALO’s life-saving work in the region and will be matched by an anonymous donor to double its impact.


Detroiters Celebrate Knights and Daughters Anniversaries

On November 16th, the Knights of Vartan Nareg-Shavarshan Lodge 100th Anniversary and the Daughters of Vartan Zabelle Chapter 70th Anniversary were celebrated with an elaborate dinner-dance in Detroit with over 200 guests. 


Knights and Daughters of Vartan Commend the Passing of HR 269

By Grand Commander Steven R. Adams  and Grand Matron Alice Kalustian

(FRESNO) — The Knights and Daughters of Vartan, established over 100 years ago as an aftermath of the Genocide of our people at the hands of the Ottoman Turkish government, commends the action of the United States House of Representatives with the passing of House Resolution 269.  The recognition of the Armenian Genocide is a critical and necessary step in our quest for recognition of the systematic extermination of 1.5 million Armenian people. 


Knights and Daughters of Vartan Honoring Dr. Taner Akcam

On October 25, at the St. Leon Armenian Apostolic Church Abadjian Hall in Fair Lawn took place a special event honoring Dr. Taner Akcam. The event was hosted by the Knights and Daughters of Vartan and Times Square Armenian Genocide Commemoration Committee led by NS Hirant Gulian. During this event Dr. Taner received a Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Knights of Vartan Avak Sbarabed Steven Adams.


Impressions of Veratarts Hayrenik IV Trip by NS Nishan Dulgerian

For years I planned to take a trip to my ancestral home in Sepasdia but realities sunk in and I sought another vehicle to relieve my desire to visit my forefathers’ land. For me this desire was superseded with my participation to Veratarts Hayrenik (Back to Homeland) Trip IV which took place in Yerevan, Armenia during September 14-22, 2019.


Knights and Daughters of Vartan Visit Armenia, Veratarts Hayrenik IV

(YEREVAN) — Thirty-five members of the Knights and Daughters of Vartan from California to Detroit to New York including newly installed Grand Commander Steven Adams, Grand Master of Ceremonies Dr. Dennis Shamlian and Past Grand Commanders Dr. Gary Zamanigian and Steven Kradjian visited Armenia on a mission trip from September 15-22, 2019.


Grand Convocation 2019

The celebrated restaurant owner and chef José Andrés describes Las Vegas as a celebration. From July 10th through the 13th some 230 Knights and Daughters of Vartan did just that, celebrated at their Grand Convocation. For the Knights of Vartan, it was their 101st Avak Tahlij while the Daughters of Vartan marked their 79th Kerakouyn Zhoghov. This year’s Grand Convocation was hosted by Fresno, California’s Yeprad Lodge No. 9 and Alidz Chapter No. 8 with help from other California lodges as well as those from Chicago and Washington D.C. The site of this year’s gathering was Harrah’s Hotel and Resort, located on Las Vegas’ famous strip.


Consecration of Cross at the Armenian Apostolic Church At Hye Pointe

Boston –June 20, 2019.  A brand-new Armenian Church in Massachusetts’ Merrimack Valley now has a brand-new Armenian cross to adorn its steeple. The cross was consecrated on Thursday, June 20, the gift of the Boston, Massachusetts based Knights of Vartan Ararat Tahlij No. 1 and its Arpie Otyag No. 9. Many of the lodge and Otyag members were on hand with their families as Bishop Daniel Findikyan consecrated the large gold cross which now stands proudly atop the Haverhill, Massachusetts area church. This was Bishop Findikyan’s first visit to the church since recently being elected Primate of the Armenian Church of America’s Eastern Diocese. Also participating in the consecration service were Armenian Church Pastors from across Massachusetts as well as the Dean of the Saint Nersess Armenian Seminary in New York.


Semonians of Knights of Vartan Ararat Lodge #1 Partner with Rotary International on Village Water Project

A little effort going a very long way is being seen in the tiny Armenian village of Arpunq, thanks in part to the financial generosity of the late Ararat Asbed Robert “Bob” Semonian from Ararat Lodge No. 1. A ten-thousand-dollar donation from a trust established by Bob Semonian, who passed away in 2016, is being used to help bring pristine running water to a remote village near the southern shores of Lake Sevan, replacing on old, inoperative Soviet era asbestos pipe.


An Example of A True Knight of Vartan

On April 18, 2019 the First Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, Gabriel Ghazaryan awarded Sbarabed Tigran Sahakyan of Mamigonian Lodge with the Gold Medal of the Ministry for his ongoing investments in Physical Culture and Sports in homeland.

104th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide Commemorated in Times Square, New York City

By Taleen Babayan

NEW YORK – Not even the hovering grey clouds could dampen the spirit of the thousands gathered for the Armenian Genocide Commemoration in Times Square on Sunday, April 28, 2019, as the 104th anniversary of the massacres was memorialized in a monumental event sponsored by the Knights and Daughters of Vartan.


Rebirth of Nanulik Kindergarten in Gyumri

By NS Nishan Dulgerian

Few things could be more pleasing than giving new life to a dilapidated school serving a community in need. Rebirth of the Nanulik Kindergarten in Gyumri, the second largest city of Armenia, in Shirak Marz, is one of those rare instances when right things happened to a deserving community in a timely manner. Constructed after the 1988 earthquake which devastated Gyumri, Nanulik barely managed to exist for years in temporary wooden cottages and domiks. (more…)

Knights and Daughters of Vartan Program on Armenian Heritage Cruise 2019

This year the Armenian Heritage Cruise (AHC) took place January 20 to January 27, 2019 aboard Royal Caribbean’s “Allure of the Seas”.  The AHC Committee honored the Knights and Daughters of Vartan by providing time to present a program during the cruise.  Members of the Knights and Daughters leadership in attendance were Grand Commander Dr. Gary Zamanigian, Grand Matron Diana Tookmanian, Past Grand Commander Bob Barsam and Past Grand Matron Sona Manuelian.  Special guests included Archbishop Khoren Toghramadjian, Prelate of Cypress and Prof. Taner Akcam, author of “The Killing Orders – Talaat Pasha’s Telegrams and the Armenian Genocide”.


           Knights and Daughters of Vartan 100th Annual Grand Convocation

The Knights of Vartan’s 100th Annual Grand Convocation and the Daughters of Vartan 78th Kerakouyn Zhoghov was held July 11-14, 2018 in Dearborn, MI at the Edward Hotel with over 150 Knights and Daughters and their family members in attendance. The loyal Knights and Daughters got together for a series of innovative workshops, meetings, discussions, city and cultural tours and elegant evening events. It was also a time to acknowledge and present awards to individuals and lodges for outstanding service to the Armenian community.


Yeprad Lodge 100th Anniversary

It was May 22, 1918 in the midst of the First World War that twelve dedicated Armenians in Fresno, California took their oaths to form Yeprad Tahlij #9.  These men became the charter members of a national brotherhood that had been formed just two years prior in Philadelphia, for the noble purpose of alleviating the suffering of the oppressed Armenians who had been torn away from their native homeland in the midst of a great Genocide.


Ararat Lodge #1 Participates in 103rd Genocide Commemoration

On April 20, 2018 the Greater Boston Armenian community commemorated the 103rd anniversary of the 1915-1923 Genocide in the Chamber of the Massachusetts State House of Representatives.  This local event began in the 1980’s and has been supported by the Knights of Vartan Ararat Lodge #1 every year since its inception by taking an active role on the committee and especially providing financial and logistics support for free round-trip buses for the local community including school children.


Mr. Tellalian Giving a Presentation on How Boston Armenian Heritage Park in Boston was Built

On Sunday afternoon, February 25, 2018, over 125 people gathered at St. Peter Armenian Apostolic Church, in Watervliet, N.Y., to hear keynote speaker Mr. Donald Tellalian give a presentation on “How We Built The Park.” (more…)

The School That Yeprad Built

The article is written by NS Marshall Moushigian of Yeprad Tahlij.

Although Fresno’s Yeprad Tahlij and Alidz Otyag are happy to take credit for this much-needed refurbishment project in the village of Tegh, we could not have instituted this task without the solid support of the village itself. (more…)

Celebrating 26th Anniversary of Armenian Army Day

On January 28, 1992 was established the Armenian Army. To celebrate the 26th anniversary of Army Day a special donation was made by the Corporal Paul S. Marsoubian Post XX Amvets, based in Watertown, MA in cooperation of Ararat lodge of KV by the initiative of NS Jack Medzorian (also member of Amvets). (more…)

KV School in Yerevan, #106, Received Christmas Gifts from Avak Khorhurd

Avak Dirouhi Diana Tookmanian initiated and organized Christmas Gifts for KV Yerevan #106 school in December 2017.  Daughters of Vartan collected and one by one wrapped gifts of hats, gloves and socks for 340 kids from 1-2 grades of total 8 classes. On December 21 the school was having Christmas event with poems, songs and performances. (more…)

Thanksgiving Meal Shared in Berd Town

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday in USA. Giving thanks is a simple human action. NAS Nigoghos Atinizian decided to convey this beautiful tradition of sharing Thanksgiving meal to an Armenian community. The location was chosen- Berd borderline town, target group – low income families. 25 local farm grown turkeys were donated. (more…)

Best Christmas Gift for Mkhitaryan Family

Freedom fighter Mkhitaryan and his family of 4 were living by rent in a deteriorated apartment in Berd town having no home for years. Mamigonian Lodge members committed to buy a home for Mkhitaryan family during their visit in September 2017. The house was bought by Sbarabed Tigran Sahakyan and renovated by Mamigonian brothers.


Knights of Vartan Grand Commander Dr. Gary Zamanigian Visits Washington, D.C.

Knights of Vartan Grand Commander Dr. Gary Zamanigian Visits Washington, D.C. The newly elected Grand Commander of Knights of Vartan, Dr. Gary Zamanigian gave an official visit to the Ani Lodge and Dickranouhi Otyag of Washington, D.C. on October 10-12.


Knights of Vartan Grand Commander Dr. Gary Zamanigian Visits Washington, D.C.

Knights of Vartan Grand Commander Dr. Gary Zamanigian Visits Washington, D.C. The newly elected Grand Commander of Knights of Vartan, Dr. Gary Zamanigian gave an official visit to the Ani Lodge and Dickranouhi Otyag of Washington, D.C. on October 10-12.


Recognizing what working together can accomplish…

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, the Alex & Marie Manoogian Museum located in the St. John Armenian Church campus hosted a Gala dinner to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Museum and to celebrate the 2016 landmark decision by the State of Michigan to teach the Holocaust and Armenian Genocide in public schools.  (more…)

Knights and Daughters of Vartan Visit Motherland on Mission Trip

(YEREVAN) — Twenty-five members of Knights of Vartan and Daughters of Vartan, including newly-elected Grand Commander Dr. Gary Zamanigian, Grand Recorder Deacon Richard Norsigian, Past Grand Commanders Steven Kradjian and Vahram Fantazian, visited the homeland on a mission trip from September 16-24, 2017. (more…)

Knights of Vartan 99th Grand Convocation held in Boston

(BOSTON) – The Knights of Vartan’s 99th Annual Grand Convocation welcomed 200 members and their families, as well as hundreds of Armenian community members, from August 8-13, 2017 for a series of innovative workshops, meetings, tours and evening events. (more…)

Knights of Vartan First Donation to Ministry of Health of Artsakh Republic

Yerevan- On July 17, 2017 Knights of Vartan Past Commander of the Ani Lodge in Washington, DC, Mr. Jake Bournazian, traveled to Artsakh with his son and daughter to make the endowment on behalf of Knights of Vartan (KOV) in Artsakh.