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AS Steven Adams remarks

1915 to 2022, 107 years later and we find ourselves once again standing in front of the world remembering the Genocide of the Armenian people at the hands of the Ottoman Turks.  Is it even imaginable that after 100 years we still need to be here, standing on this platform?  Some would even argue as to why we are even still here.  Why do we come together over an event that was over 100 years ago?

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Daughters of Vartan Woman of the Year 2021

By ND Nancy Hammoudian
In keeping with the mission and goals of the Daughters of Vartan organization to nurture our Armenian culture and ethnic values, it was the Grand Council’s honor to award Maggie Mangassarian Goschin as the 2021 Woman of the Year.

AD Alice Kalustian presenting the Woman of the Year Maggie Goschin

Maggie Goschin is the Director of the Ararat-Eskijian Museum in Mission Hills, CA. For over 24 years, Maggie has served the Museum. The collections in the Ararat-Eskijian museum continue to grow and expand. Artifacts, art, more than 6000 books including prof. Vahakn N. Dadrian, Prof. Robert Hewsen entire library/archives and other archives as well. The museum collection comprises of Armenian carpets, large collection of copper collection with Armenian inscriptions, Jewelry, ceramic & embroidery, and many other heirlooms are on display telling the story of our rich Armenian history. Maggie has also organized speakers and Armenian programs held at the Museum for the community.

In early July, 2021, past Grand Chairwoman Alice Kalustian accompanied by her Grand Council, visited the Ararat-Eskijian Museum to present Maggie Goschin with this well-deserved award. Maggie was surrounded by family, friends, her designer and Ararat Home COO Past Commander of Sevan Lodge, Derik Ghookasian. A video of the presentation and museum tour was broadcast at the beginning of the Virtual 81st Grand Convocation for the Daughters of Vartan Leadership and Delegates to view.

We are grateful to Maggie for all the years of time, work, dedication and love that she has put into making this Museum so special. We ask God’s blessings for Maggie to continue with her very important and special work.
Past Grand Chairwoman Alice suggests when visiting Southern California, to please visit the Ararat-Eskijian Museum. Also many artifacts and events are online at