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The Knights and Daughters of Vartan continued their “Back to the Homeland” Mission Trip for the 6th year. More than 20 Knights, Daughters, and friends joined the pilgrimage on September 18-24th to visit the homeland, their mission partners and projects in Armenia.

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Knights of Vartan #106 School in Yerevan

The Knights of Vartan since 1993 has supported the school in Yerevan now officially known as the Knights of Vartan #106 Basic School. It is one of the many schools the Knights of Vartan has supported via its partnership with the World Bank Armenian Social Investment Fund and the Armenian Territory Development Fund.

Students at this school have achieved the highest standards of learning in all academic subjects, particularly excelling in mathematics and physical science. Over the years the school has expanded and improved its space, now serving 1000+ students.

The Knights of Vartan delegation witnessed fully modernized classrooms and other classrooms and facilities in clear need of repair, requiring lighting, basic classroom furniture, and repair of stairs, and floors. An auditorium used by students more often than weekly has only natural light through high windows at the right time of day, and stadium style seating with splintered broken wooden chairs.

In 2018 NS Dr. Gary Zamanigian initiated full renovation of Gymnasium at KV#106 school. Total $30,000 were raised by Nareg Shavarshan lodge for the renovation and $2,600 donated by Arshavir lodge for new equipment. The renovation was implemented in 2019 by Paros Foundation.

KV #106 school gymnasium before renovation.
KV #106 school gymnasium after renovation.

Complete video on KV #106 school gymnasium renovation.

The current project for 2020 is to replace remaining old windows, doors, and electric wire, renovate the auditorium.