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By NAS Dr. Gary Zamanigian

Avak Sbarabed Hunan Arshakian honored Nareg-Shavarshan Lodge with an official visitation Wednesday, April 12, 2023.  Prior to the lodge meeting, a formal banquet, hosted by the Knights, began with skilled Master of Ceremonies, NAS Vahram Fantazian, calling upon NAS Dr. Gary Zamanigian to offer a toast on this special occasion; a delicious Shish Kebab dinner followed.

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Avak Tivan

 Grand Council of the Knights of Vartan
2022 – 2023

 Seated L to R: Avak Ter-Sbarabed Levon Thorose, Avak Sbarabed Hunan Arshakian, Avak Yeretz Sergey Simavoryan
Standing L to R: Avak Tbrabed Armen Gostanian, Avak Araroghabed Gregory Babikian, Avak Argughagal Ronald Nazeley,  Avak Ted Karen Amirkhanyan

Avak Sbarabed
Hunan Arshakian

Avak Ter-Sbarabed
Levon Thorose

Avak Yeretz
Sergey Simavoryan

Avak Tbrabed
Armen Gostanian

Avak Argughagal
Ronald Nazeley

Avak Araroghabed
Gregory Babikian

Avak Ted
Karen Amirkhanyan

Naghkin Avak Sbarabed Steven R. Adams
All Naghkin Avak Sbarabeds