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A Call to Action from Grand Commander Hunan Arshakian and Grand Chairwoman Gloria Korkoian

We are facing serious challenges as we, who are safe and secure in the United States, witness the blockade of Artsakh. In 1916, the Knights of Vartan was formed to assisted the survivors of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Now 106 years later, our brothers and sisters in Artsakh are in dire straits. Over 120,000 people are in this land blockade without access to the outside world.

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Martuni Vocational School and Family Business Support

Since 2019 NS Jake Bournazian of Ani Lodge has been supporting Martuni Vocational School in Artsakh.

In 2022 was launched a new economic initiative in the Martuni province of the Republic of Artsakh for economic re-development in the remaining villages along the new border with the Republic of Azerbaijan. To read more: Ani Lodge Partners with Sahman USA for Economic Development Plan for Martuni Province in Artsakh

In March, 2021, the Knights of Vartan and Armenia Tools4Schools provided $16,000 to the Martuni Vocational School in Martuni, Republic of Artsakh to purchase a school bus, tools and equipment, and construct improvements around the school property.   In December, the Knights of Vartan provided another $10,000 to purchase a 2nd bus for the school. The school provides vocational trade education to students ages 13 through 17 living in the 15 villages that surround the town of Martuni. Tuition is free and the school relies entirely on the Republic of Artsakh government for funding.  Martuni Vocational School currently has 110 students, 33 instructors, and 19 building operations and administrative staff. To read more: The Knights of Vartan and Armenia Tools4Schools Team up to Help the Martuni Vocational School

Martuni, Artsakh Vocational School, 2021. Improving the education by providing better equipment and some renovations after the 44 day war. Watch the video where the principal and teachers share about the work implemented at the school. The Knights of Vartan and Tools4Schools teamed up to join the effort and contribute the financial support. The video link.