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A Call to Action from Grand Commander Hunan Arshakian and Grand Chairwoman Gloria Korkoian

We are facing serious challenges as we, who are safe and secure in the United States, witness the blockade of Artsakh. In 1916, the Knights of Vartan was formed to assisted the survivors of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Now 106 years later, our brothers and sisters in Artsakh are in dire straits. Over 120,000 people are in this land blockade without access to the outside world.

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New Vocational Training Program Launched In Gyumri as Part of Anti-Poverty Program

GYUMRI, Armenia — Dr. Gary and Linda Assarian have a mission to empower people and get them to work. With their support, the Hianali Beauty Center was launched last month both as a high-end, high-quality beauty center and as a training program free-of-charge for people wishing to work in the beauty services sector in Gyumri.

“Our hope is that by providing people in Gyumri with a real skill and employment opportunity, they will work hard to raise themselves from poverty,” said Dr. Gary Assarian. “I am looking forward to the success of the Hianali Beauty Center and its program as we have seen with the other programs we have supported in Gyumri thus far.” The Hianali Beauty Center is already building a stable of steady paying customers who are pleased with the pleasant environment of the center and the quality of services available. All proceeds from paying customers will be used to support the vocational training services provided. The training programs currently have 44 students enrolled in three specific courses in cosmetology. This social enterprise is part of the Assarian Vocational Training Program at Debi Arach. The social and economic impact of the Hianali Beauty Center of the next five years will be significant. The training program at the center includes skill development in men’s, women’s and children’s haircuts, styling and dyeing, manicure and pedicures and facials and make up application. Armed with these skills and by continuously providing training opportunities for new students, it is expected that the economic impact of the center in Gyumri will be at least $350,000 over five years. “Our goal is to hire the best of our students to work at the center,” said Peter Abajian, executive director of the Paros Foundation. “By both training and providing employment opportunities to these young people, we are slowly chipping away at the level of generational poverty in Gyumri.” Launched in 2017, The Dr. Gary and Linda Assarian Vocational Training Program at the Debi Arach Children’s Center (a project of The Paros Foundation) has created employment opportunities for Gyumri’s impoverished community in both high-tech and low-tech skill areas.

From the Armenian Mirror Spectator