Economic Sustainability Program (ESP)

The Purpose of the ESP is to create jobs and promote self-employment in the Republic of Armenia. The activities focus primarily on strengthening social welfare and building a sustainable economic community spirit in rural villages, small towns, and the urban environment in the capital of the Republic of Armenia.

Artsakh Humanitarian Support

Since October of 2023, the Knights and Daughters of Vartan have subsidized 225 Artsakh families with over $94,800, disbursed to address their pressing needs, ranging from rent to appliances and household essentials. The organization also helped to transport 700 tons of humanitarian provisions which were delivered directly to the Armenians living in Artsakh earlier this year.

Vrezh Markosyan Scholarship

The Vrezh Markosyan Memorial Scholarship Endowment will be earmarked for university students in Armenia studying business, political science, or public policy, in honor of Mr. Markosyan’s distinguished life in government and business. The Knights of Vartan believe that this scholarship will help continue raising up needed leaders from Armenia’s young brain trust to lead the nation in the future.

Knights of Vartan Donation

General Donations to KV are versatile contributions that support various projects beyond those currently outlined. These funds may be allocated to future initiatives based on evolving needs.