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The Knights and Daughters of Vartan continued their “Back to the Homeland” Mission Trip for the 6th year. More than 20 Knights, Daughters, and friends joined the pilgrimage on September 18-24th to visit the homeland, their mission partners and projects in Armenia.

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The School That Yeprad Built

The article is written by NS Marshall Moushigian of Yeprad Tahlij.

Although Fresno’s Yeprad Tahlij and Alidz Otyag are happy to take credit for this much-needed refurbishment project in the village of Tegh, we could not have instituted this task without the solid support of the village itself.

And since Tegh sits at the threshold of the Lachin Corridor, and the threshold of a reunified Armenia and Artsakh, it only made sense that yet another strong connection between Armenia and Fresno would be forged at that spot.

Armenians’ love of knowledge and education, and activities of the mind, is as old as the mountains of Ararat itself. As Yeprad Tahlij enters its centennial year, our love runs nearly as deep. Fresno’s “Armenian Schools Support Project” began nearly two decades ago out of our desire to help fulfill our Knightly mission of bettering the Armenian people; and since so much development begins in the earliest years of a child’s life, the ASSP was born out of that desire and need to ensure a strong foundation for life.

The main kindergarten school in the village of Tegh, which recently expanded to encompass six other smaller villages and now has a population of just under 6,000, is in serious need of refurbishment. The nearly $26,000 contribution from Fresno, combined with the village’s contribution of $5,000, will be matched by the World Bank to meet the estimated project cost $430,000. The project will tackle the site’s two buildings – phase one will focus on reinforcing the buildings to meet seismic standards; phase two will see the installation of new doors and windows to keep the heat from the two new natural gas boilers, located in a third building, securely in the classrooms and offices; an updated external water supply and the buildings’ internal water system will be updated along with the power and gas supply. Once these phases are complete, the Kindergarten will be established, thereby giving the village’s youngest residents an even earlier start on what their forefathers have enjoyed for millennia – a solid education and a chance for a bring future.

Back row: Tatevos Maniusharian,  Ed Charles Garabedian, Armen Nalbandian, Arthur Tukmanian, Phillip Hagopian, Mark Pryor, Paul Hokokian, Azad Deeb, Armen Postoian, Moses Karkazian, Nishan Karagozian, Kevork Boyajian. 
Front row: Instruction committee – NS Richard Hagopian, NAS Bob DerMatoian, Sbarabed Ara Karkazian, NS Andrew Vartanian. Not pictured Jeffrey Simonian






































left- NAS Bob Der Matoian receiving check from Sbarabed Ara Karkazian of Yeprad Lodge #9 Fresno, CA.