The Knights of Vartan Renovates Building for Students in Grades 1-3 at the Knights of Vartan #106 School in Yerevan

In an inspiring display of dedication to education, the Knights of Vartan’s Nareg-Shavarashan Lodge of Greater Detroit, USA, has successfully orchestrated the comprehensive renovation of a two-story building at the Knights of Vartan 106th School in Yerevan for students in Grades 1-3. This remarkable initiative was made possible through a fruitful relationship with the Paros Foundation as the project’s implementing partner. Notably, since 2018, the Lodge has channeled well over $100K toward a series of renovations within the school.

The Knights of Vartan has a rich tradition of advocating for education, tracing its roots back to its inception in 1916. Over the years, the organization has generously supported multiple Armenian schools across the Middle East and provided scholarships for clergymen, facilitating their educational journeys in the United States.

Since Armenia gained its independence, the Knights of Vartan expanded its commitment to education into the Republic of Armenia. The enduring bond between the Knights of Vartan and the #106 school in Yerevan was initiated in 1993. What began as the Knights of Vartan’s “Adopt A School Project” (AASP) soon evolved through partnerships with the World Bank and the Government of Armenia programs (ASIF, ATDF).

This collaborative effort culminated in the renaming of the school to “Knights of Vartan” on April 5, 1995, in recognition of the organization’s unwavering support. Since 2018, the Nareg-Shavarshan Lodge has taken on the responsibility of adopting the school, and continually implementing vital renovations each year. These enhancements included the gymnasium, auditorium, classrooms, restrooms, hallways, new windows, doors, and electrical wiring throughout the school.  The latest achievement involved the extensive renovation of a smaller building on the school’s campus inclusive of all 13 classrooms across two stories, stairways, and hallways.

This building serves as the nurturing ground for the school’s youngest pupils and it is truly heartwarming to witness first graders commence their educational journeys in these newly refurbished classrooms. The institution is firmly committed to delivering high-quality education, a testament to its accomplished faculty and steady increase in student enrollment.

In the words of Past Grand Commander Dr. Gary Zamanigian, the key initiator of this transformative project shouldered by Nareg-Shavarshan Lodge, “In the future, additional improvements will be made as needed to maintain an exemplary environment for students to learn.   Fundraising efforts to benefit the school have been achieved with the generous support of our brothers and sisters from the Avak Tivan, Arakadz Lodge, Bakradouny Lodge, Daron Lodge, Gomidas Lodge, Yeprad Lodge, and Zabelle Otyag”. Knights of Vartan Grand Commander, Hunan Arshakian, added, “We are committed to the education of children in Armenia one school at a time to ensure a bright and more promising future for the country”.