The Vrezh Markosyan Memorial Scholarship Endowment

The Knights of Vartan announces the formation of an endowment fund within the Knights of Vartan Charities, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity of the Knights of Vartan. The Vrezh Markosyan Memorial Scholarship Endowment provides scholarships to university students in Armenia studying business or political science.

The Vrezh Markosyan Memorial Scholarship Endowment will be earmarked for university students in Armenia studying business, political science, or public policy, in honor of Mr. Markosyan’s distinguished life in government and business. The Knights of Vartan believe that this scholarship will help continue raising up needed leaders from Armenia’s young brain trust to lead the nation in the future.

Inviting all who wish to donate to The Vrezh Markosyan Memorial Scholarship Endowment governed by Knights of Vartan Charities, Inc.

Please donate online at this safe paypal link below, chose “Vrezh Markosyan Memorial Scholarship Fund” from the list:

Or make checks payable to “Knights of Vartan Charities Inc.” and write “The Vrezh Markosyan Memorial Scholarship Endowment” in the memo section.

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Mr. Ronald Nazeley

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The Life of Vrezh Markosyan

Vrezh Markosyan was born on March 15, 1950 in Aparan. In 1972 he graduated from the Armenian Agricultural Institute, in Economics and worked as an economist-accountant. In 1972-73 he worked as Supervisor at the ASSR ASSR Ministry of Finances. Then from 1973–1974, he served in the Soviet Army. After his military service, in 1974-1976, he served as Senior Inspector of Aparan Inner Affairs, Division of ASSR Ministry of Inner Affairs. From 1976-1991 he was Commodity Manager, Head of Logistics Division, Director of Printing House of the Publishing House of the Central Committee of the Armenian Communist Party, before Armenia became independent. Vrezh Markosyan celebrated and cherished Armenia’s independence in 1991. He continued with private business ventures during this time. From 1997-2012 served as General Director of the LLC “Tigran Mets” Publishing House.  And in 2006 he was awarded the St. Grigor Lusavorich Order of the Armenian Apostolic Church by Vehapar. In 2007 he was awarded the Order of “Brilliant Ararat” by Tekeyan Cultural Association.  And in 2010 he was awarded his second medal “For Services Contributed to the Motherland.”

On May 6, 2012, Vrezh Markosyan was elected to the Armenian Parliament, as Deputy of the National Assembly, Electoral District #14. He served the Armenian people with fortitude and dignity, all his life, and his appointment to parliament was an important culmination of his decades of service in the public and private sectors, forging through the historic challenges of the homeland over the years. He continued in Parliament until his cancer diagnosis and long-term treatment, which he endured bravely for several years. He is survived by his wife Anahit, and his daughter, and son-in-law, and 4 grandchildren.